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Of the company RIEGL International GmbH

Handelskai 94-96, 1200 Vienna, Austria (“RIEGL INT”)



Your on-line privacy is important to us. In compliance with the applicable regulatory framework, this section aims to inform you, the user of this site/software platform (“User”), of our policies regarding the collection, storage, use, processing and disclosure of personally identifiable data, whether actively submitted by the User or automatically retrieved.




2.1 Without further notice to, and consent by the User, RIEGL INT may collect, store, process, use, as well as forward personally identifiable data submitted by a User (e.g. name, email address, inquiries, screenshots etc.) within RIEGL INT’s organization and to specific companies of the RIEGL group1)  for the purposes of:

- Processing any inquiries submitted by the User;

- Informing the User about products and updates that might be of interest to the same and improving the User’s overall customer experience. Please note that the User’s consent to the receipt of any mails, newsletters and analogous electronic notifications by RIEGL INT may be freely revoked any time.


2.2 Without further notice to and consent by, the User, RIEGL INT may also forward contact information of Users submitted through the website, to the competent RIEGL business partners in their territory for a more structured administration and faster responsiveness to support related and other inquiries concerning RIEGL equipment.


2.3 Without further notice to, and consent by the User, RIEGL INT may confer certain personally identifiable data also to third party entities commissioned by RIEGL INT to provide specific services and products, such as but not limited to bank and insurance related services, IT services, delivery/shipment/transportation services, acquisition/sale of software sub-licensable rights embedded in RIEGL software packages, etc. Such transfers of personal data to such third parties is restricted to the use for which it was provided and for no other purpose. It may occur that personal data is transferred to servers outside RIEGL INT’s exclusive sphere of control for the above stated purposes.


2.4 RIEGL INT retains personally identifiable data for as long as (whichever occurs later):

- retention periods are imposed or suggested by applicable law;

- there is a contract and/or communication with the User;

- the User has provided his/her consent, for instance by explicitly accepting this privacy polity; and/or

- this is necessary for the purposes provided for herein.



RIEGL INT strives to secure your/the User’s personally identifiable data by utilizing commercially acceptable means for this purpose. Such means might be of physical, organisational and/or technical nature. However, no measure is able to guarantee and provide a 100% security.

Please note that the utilization of such means might require or have as a consequence, that several data is transferred to servers outside RIEGL INT’s exclusive sphere of control.



RIEGL INT reserves the right to update or modify this Privacy Policy or parts hereof. The use of this site/software platform after publication of such updates and/or modifications constitutes the User’s acknowledgement and consent to abide and be bound by the updated/modified content.



In case of questions or other inquiries, contact info@rieglinternational.com



 1) For the purposes of this Privacy Policy “Companies of the RIEGL group” are:

RIEGL Laser Measurement Systems GmbH, Riedenburgstrasse 48, 3580 Horn, Austria

RIEGL Research Forschungsgesellschaft mbH, Riedenburgstrasse 48, 3580 Horn, Austria

RIEGL International GmbH, Handelskai 94-96, 1200 Vienna, Austria

• RiCOPTER UAV GmbH, Ing. Karl Proksch Gasse 4, 3580 Horn, Austria

• Dr. Johannes Riegl Radartechnik & Elektrooptik GmbH, Ing. Karl Proksch Gasse 4, 3580 Horn, Austria

RIEGL USA Inc., 7035 Grand National Drive, Suite 100, 32819 Orlando, Florida USA




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