RIEGL Pointcloud samples in POTREE

POTREE by Markus Schütz is open source. For further details and downloading the software, please refer to potree.org



The point cloud data, 3D and other imagery displayed herein as well as any and all accompanying information (hereinafter collectively: “Data”) are intended for illustration and information purposes only. The Data in the current format is not intended for engineering, surveying or other purposes.


Please be advised that the dimensions of the illustrated forms and buildings might have been altered for reasons of security.


The Data is provided on an “AS-IS” basis. No warranty or other representation with respect to the Data is made or implied hereunder regarding for instance, but not limited to, the Data’s accuracy, utility, completeness, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose etc. RIEGL INT does not assume and hereby expressly disclaims any and all liability or other legal responsibility arising of the use and comprehension of the Data.


The displayed Data is part of an on-going project/work in progress. RIEGL INT reserves the right to update the content of this website without notification as new information becomes available.


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